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Maintain financial statements of company vector illustration. Financial tax report flat style. Accounting, finance audit, business concept

Paper for new business contract vector illustration. Successful work deal with stamp flat style. Agreement, signature, deal, success concept

Multiple computer monitors for gaming vector illustration. Gamer room, play video games flat style. Entertainment, fun, addiction concept

Fashionable woman holding packages with clothes after shopping vector illustration. Come out of shop flat style. Shopping, fashion concept

Robot hand touch abstract virtual button vector illustration. Perform command flat style. Artificial intelligence digital technology concept

Co workers discussing problem in work chat vector illustration. Open website with messages flat style. Web chatting, online meeting concept

Delivery courier give package to owner vector illustration. Fast delivery to client home flat style. Delivery service, receive order concept

Peoples hands holding different tools vector illustration. Clerks and equipments for work flat style. Business, stationery supplies concept

Moving into new apartment vector illustration. Mess in living room, unpacked stuff flat style. Relocating to new living place concept