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Stopwatch is a 3d rendered illustration of a yellow stopwatch with black dial. It can be used to measure time, speed, or performance.

Hourglass is a 3d rendered illustration of a glass device that measures time by the flow of sand from one section to another. It has a yellow base and top…

Gear clock is a 3d rendered illustration of a yellow gear shaped clock with a white face and black hands. It indicates 12 o’clock, the start or end of a…

Stopwatch with flame is a 3d rendered illustration of a silver stopwatch with a red button and a black dial. The stopwatch has a body shaped like a flame, symbolizing…

Calendar or notepad 3d rendered illustration. It shows the concept of completing tasks, goals, or deadlines successfully and efficiently.

Notification Yellow bell, 3d rendered illustration of a traditional bell with a loop and a clapper

Virtual reality controller 3d rendered illustration, with white body and black and yellow handle. Isolated on white background.

Virtual reality device, 3d rendered illustration, with black body and blue screen. Worn on the head and covers eyes. Isolated on white background.

Handheld game console, 3d rendered illustration, with blue body and black screen. Two joysticks and six buttons on the top. Isolated on white background.